The things nobody tells you, eh?

Apparently, sometimes readers see ads on this blog, and I never knew. According to the encyclopaedic Lorelle on WordPress, wordpress.com have been inserting ads onto their free blogs for a while now, but those who are logged into wordpress.com don’t see them i.e. the actual bloggers whose blogs are being used to display these ads […]

Lurker request: feminist poetry for teens

I am a secondary English teacher in Queensland and am trying to expose my students to some feminist poetry, particularly if it of the protest kind, but all the poems that I tried to pass by my P&C committee have been shot down as being too ‘adult’. I was wondering if you (or anyone for […]

Action Alert: Women for Women International needs help

From my inbox: Friends, help Women for Women International with your vote for our Members Project “Help Women and Children Survivors of War Rebuild”. With your support it could share in $2.5 million in funding from American Express. We need to get into the Top 25 projects by September 1 so please nominate this project […]

An apology and a promise

A few months ago I posted an events notice for a MichFest Women’s Festival event in NYC. I screwed up big time in that original post by not including any text noting the trans-exclusionary policy of MichFest, which has excluded trans women as festival participants for many years. I apologise unreservedly for neglecting to highlight […]

Feminism Friday: Why, if you think women should be flattered by your harassment, you are stupid

If you’re a man who has been rebuffed more than once by women you thought you were flattering, this article is for you. (I say “more than once” because misunderstandings could account for the occasional incident.)

No thanks, random incompetent shill

Just received this in mail. WTF? [snip product spiel] We know your are big in the beauty blog world and we would love to send over some free product that may inspire you! I’d LOL if it wasn’t so difficult to do when my jaw is on the floor. There’s been a noticeable uptick in […]

Online interaction and free speech

What John Scalzi said, after noting that despite the opinion of some people, not everywhere in the world is covered by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: this person is just absolutely, completely, ice-pick-to the-eyeballs wrong in their understanding of the First Amendment, how it applies to my site, […]

So frustrating

I’ve been deleting so many comments lately that I decided that the blog needed a new information page – Why Didn’t You Publish My Comment?, which is included in the links in the right-hand sidebar immediately below the Comments Policy link. It’s moderately blunt in tone, because it’s obvious to me that many of the deleted comments are from people who simply have not bothered to read the Comments Policy, which I find frustrating, as the post-title indicates. Is the tone too blunt, dear regulars?

Feminists Have Free Speech Too: Action Alert I

I’ve labelled this post as (I) because my spidey-sense tells me that this will become a series. Here you go: [link]. Tell this cartoonist what you think of jokes about his comic’s protagonist drooling about raping disabled homeless women because “it’s hard to keep your legs closed if you don’t have any”. Hey, having no […]

FAQ: if “gender is a social construct”, aren’t feminists saying that gender doesn’t really exist at all?

Updated 21 August 2008 A: NO. Social constructs are human conceptions, invented but not therefore imaginary (unless one thinks that social consequences are imaginary). Social constructs are human systems of social interaction organised around shared ideas. The shared ideas may be true, false or inaccurate, but the socially constructed systems that have developed in response […]


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