Back on deck

Approximately a month’s worth of comments have just been released from the moderation queue now that I’m back from hols.


It’s school holidays here for the next few weeks. I will only have intermittent internet access as I race about doing holiday things. All comments will go to the moderation queue while I’m otherwise engaged.

Call for submissions: sexual violence survivor stories/poetry/artwork etc

Soulspeakout.org was born out of the need for a safe space for survivors to tell their stories. We hope that you are able to use it as a safe space to reach out to other survivors or just have your voice heard.

Quicklink: Derailing for Dummies has been updated

FYI: I have been alerted by the author that Derailing For Dummies (D4D) has five new entries: I’ve also updated the mirror of D4D here at FF101 to reflect these changes.


You may have suddenly noticed a flurry of comments have been published, and that some of them are weeks old. My apologies for the delay in publication, but I haven’t been well. Moderating FF101 was one of the things on my tasks list that had to be pushed below necessary daily stuff. I’ll try to […]

Feminism Friday: How can men express sexual interest in a feminist way?

It’s a question a lot of men have – they see themselves as feminist allies, they don’t want to be objectifying or creepy, but they still want to be able to express their sexual attraction to women whom they find appealing. And so they should – men and women enjoying sex together is a good thing! But I can understand why some of the things one learns as a feminist ally could make one reticent because of the possibility of putting one’s foot in it and being perceived as one of the bad guys, or even worse: appearing to be one of those predatory faux-feminist men who’s only parroting glib sound-bites in order to get laid.

What will Twitter will make of a #feminismfriday hashtag?

If you’re on Twitter, and you’ve read some terrific feminist/womanist blogging this week, please tweet the link and hashtag it as #feminismfriday. For an extra dollop of helpful goodness, if it’s a great Feminism 101 post, please also tag it as #FF101.

If you’re not on Twitter, please drop a link to a post that meets the general Feminism Friday guidelines in comments on this page.

New look

Just decided to go for something crisp that incorporated a drop-down menu. If there are any accessibility issues please let me know.

Focus On: Dating while Feminist

Amanda Hess has a great interview with Jaclyn Friedman about sex and the single feminist…Jill at Feministe responded to the idea of a conversation where other feminists are weighing in, and a great discussion is going on there.

Feed the FAQ: the policing of women’s sexuality and double standards

Crowd-sourcing time! From KellyK in the Suggestions thread: Can you add “slut-shaming” and/or “mother/whore dichotomy” to Clarifying Concepts? A classmate of mine posted something I found mildly offensive and I’m having trouble elucidating why it strikes me as sexist, and would really like something to point him to when he inevitably asks what I’m being […]


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